A great deal of time and care has been given to accurately reflect all our props and balloons in photographs on our website and other advertising material. However, the Purchase or hire of products from 99 Luft Events constitutes that you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you require clarification or have any questions, please contact us at hello@99luftevents.com

99 Luft Events has the right to update these terms and conditions as we see fit. The terms and conditions that apply to you are the ones published at the time your order is placed.  Therefore we encourage you to check and review these terms before you place an order.


All prices on our website are in AUD and inclusive of GST. 

99 Luft Events will change our prices from time to time as we see fit to the current market.


Upon confirmation of your order you are agreeing to pay the stated price for that product and any additional delivery charges disclosed.

If there is any undisclosed information, errors or changes not disclosed from the buyer to 99 Luft Events, 99 Luft Events will be entitled to vary the price accordingly.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may vary slightly from depicted.

99 Luft Events reserve the right to cancel or reject any order at our own discretion at any time.


Please note that sometimes system errors can occur, these may result in one or more of your items being unavailable. If this instance is to occur one of our friendly team will be in contact ASAP, you may be offered a refund or substitute product.


99 Luft Events takes no responsibility for your balloons once they leave our hands at delivery or pick up from our studio. Balloons are temperamental and for reasons out of our control they may pop, colour bleach or deflate. Many conditions may affect your balloons such as weather, placement, heating and cooling, with this in mind we cannot guarantee balloons no longer in our care.


The buyer, upon placing an order must advise 99 Luft Events if the delivery is above ground level. If the buyer fails to advise 99 Luft Events that the delivery is above ground level, 99 luft Events may charge an additional fee as reasonably determined. In this case an invoice will be sent and is to be paid immediately upon receiving.

All hire products must be cleaned unless otherwise stated and easily accessible for our collection team.

If agreed upon delivery or collection time is delayed by the buyer, 99 Luft Events reserve the right to send an additional invoice for all cost incurred.


All hire products will incur a bond to ensure safe return to 99 Luft Events.

All equipment must be kept in a weatherproof area and must not be left out overnight.

99 Luft Events reserves all rights to refuse outdoor prop set up if current weather conditions deem it unsafe or unviable. In this scenario 99 Luft Events will work with the buyer on a case by case basis to determine alternative options more fitting to the current conditions.

Hire backdrops are not to be moved or relocated after our staff put them in an agreed upon location. Any damage occurred due to unauthorised movement will incur a fee to cover repair cost.

Any damage to hire products including scuff marks, breakage, dirt, cigarette burns, spillage or other marks, will incur a loss of bond.


If 99 Luft Events employees feel they are exposed to conditions or illegal acts that compromise their safety or do not wish to witness, they reserve all rights to cessation of the agreement. In this circumstance buyer reserves no rights to a refund for failure to deliver products.


You must arrive to pick up your order at the arranged time, failure to do so may result in an additional fee as advised by 99 Luft Events to cover any costs incurred. 99 Luft Events cannot provide any guarantee that staff will be available after failure to pick up order at arranged time.


If the order is cancelled prior to the cancellation period (14 days), 99 Luft Events will provide 100% store credit of your order, excluding the non refundable deposit and any work that has already occurred.

 If the order is cancelled after the cancellation period (14 days) of the event, 99 Luft Events will not be entitled to provide any refund. Price retained is to cover 99 Luft Events for a reasonably foreseeable loss due being unable to further book hire items or time on that date.

99 Luft Events will not be liable to any cancellations in regard to weather conditions and refunds will not be given.

If you wish to reschedule the date of your event for any reason including covid restrictions, 99 Luft Events will do their best to accommodate your wishes. 99 Luft Events is under no obligation to provide hire products or services on the new date.

Please see our covid guarantee for further information regarding restrictions.


In the case of lockdowns incurred as a result of the current Covid19 Pandemic, 99 Luft Events agree to provide cancellation or rescheduling outside of cancelation period (14 days). If the current restrictions ensure the event can no longer go ahead as planned, 99 Luft Events will provide store credit up to the value of work that hasn’t been completed or aid with the postponement of the event. 


All items and photos on our website are property and reserved rights to 99 Luft Events. You may not re-use or publish any of our content without 99 Luft Events written consent.

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